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Nike Air Max 1 White Blue Black is Coming Soon

Nike classic retro running shoes Air Max 1 Welcome to the line draft Script Swoosh color matching! Nike Air Max 1 White Blue Black is a simple and elegant white, blue and black leather with different materials. The details are infused with red accents! The biggest highlight is that the shoe body Swoosh is complemented by a ghost line draft to create a unique visual performance. Presumably the effect of the foot is retro and exquisite and unique. It is undoubtedly a beautiful scenery on the streets of autumn and winter!

2019 Sneakers Release launches a number of heavy color combinations every year in the name of the N7 Foundation. In the Nike N7 series that was exposed this year, I found a pair of gorgeous Air Jordan 8, look at it! The black and gray colors cover the same year-old shoe type, and the large-area suede material application makes this color look very high-end. The biggest highlight is the Air Jordan 8, which incorporates a ethnically beautiful blanket pattern in the middle of the shoe. The unique print expresses a tribute to Native Americans. The heel is complemented by the label of the high-end wool brand Pendleton, which highlights the ultra-high specification of this color.

Durant is definitely a pioneer in the video industry. As early as 2017, he closed his personal Instagram and focused on the production of the Youtube channel. At the beginning of this year, I signed a valuable contract with Youtube. It seems that Durant also has a net dream. In order to commemorate the relationship between Durant and Youtube, Nike created a pair of exclusive colors. Nike KD 12 YouTube is based on the latest boot Nike KD 12 and incorporates black, white and red makeup shoes on behalf of Youtube. The red Swoosh creates a strong visual impact with black lines. At the tongue and heel, it also highlights the playful design of this color. The white base fabric is complemented by a lot of cases such as play, pause, subtitles, etc., and the KD Logo is also integrated into it, highlighting the relationship between the two parties. The details of the search box are printed on the insole, which is definitely a consonant color with a full detail.

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