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Quality Control Call Center


Quality Control Call Center, Contact Center
The quality of service of a call center or contact center is the heart of a service oriented business. The service business in the form of a contact center maintains the standard of service quality consistently.  slotxo There must be a main unit that monitors quality standards (Quality Control) in the service of employees within the Contact Center directly. Or Quality Assurance Department
Frequently asked questions are frequently asked, “Contact Center service, how can business owners be confident or be sure that customers who use the Company's Contact Center service will receive quality service and customer satisfaction after using the service? ”
One of the most common approaches to evaluating this type of service is to perform silent monitoring with the Telephony System technology, which has an automatic recording system within the Contact Center's closed system. Call Agent agents to measure conversations This measurement should have a service quality score called Call Quality Score.
Call Quality Score is an index of service quality of the Call Center by scoring by sub-variables for each aspect. It can be divided into aspects such as manners, tone of voice Product knowledge and product inquiry In terms of tact and intelligence in solving immediate problems, etc., setting assessment standards There should be a classification form to assess various aspects. Which may have applied the weighting method Since each variable is of unequal importance, it is weighted differently.
Why is there a quality audit? “In order to monitor the work of Contact Center staff and to ensure that the service provider meets the standards set for each job,” eliminating errors in the operator's performance. And in case of any mistakes that occur during the inspection, the Quality Control Department can immediately notify the Call Agent in order to prevent any damage that may occur to the customer.It is also used as a guideline for supervisor service training. The Call Center can be performed again as the supervisor will know how to improve each Call Agent from the audit work.
Some opinions may view that "The Quality Control Department is the agency responsible for the service of Contact Center employees." The service quality of the Contact Center is within the standard. Whose main functions are


Side by Side Monitoring
Listening to the conversation (Call Monitoring) by the inspector Sit next to a call agent and listen to a 3-line agent (the customer doesn't know that a third party is listening). Or give advice to staff who are unable to resolve the problem in the situation promptly, but monitor by this method may create a feeling of uncomfortable to the staff. And do not dare to provide full service This method is suitable for training new Call Agents or serving demanding tasks that require a level of control.

Silent Monitoring
Listening to the voice calls silently (Silent Monitoring) by listening to the calls like this. The operator answers the call, and the customer is not aware that a call is being wiretapped. This way, agents can serve customers naturally. Without having to feel that there will be an error during the service. Silent Monitoring can be done in 2 ways: Real Time (where the phone system must support silent listening) and check the audio recording system (Call Recording System)

Mystery Shopper
Call monitoring operator calls the Call Center pretending to be a customer who calls and asks for information like a normal customer. Along with the service audit by doing Mystery Shopper, there is a point to be aware that the Call Agent may recognize the voice of the monitor operator. Or a conversation with more information than regular customers This may make the Call Agent suspect and may guess that This voice call may not be a real customer. Which will increase the carefulness of the service Making the results obtained from the audit not as it should actually be

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