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Coronavirus: What are the EU coronavirus schemes?

Coronavirus: What are the EU coronavirus schemes?


The UK government has not joined a European Union (EU) scheme to secure coronavirus vaccines.

The UK government has ordered 40m doses of the vaccine by Pfizer and German-based BioNTech, which can prevent more than 90% of people from getting Covid-19.

The EU has approved the purchase of 200m doses of the vaccine on behalf of its member states, as well as an option to buy up to 100m more.

The EU has launched a number of other schemes to secure medical supplies during the pandemic, which the UK has chosen not to take part in.

What is the EU doing?
The EU started to co-ordinate the purchasing of personal protective equipment (PPE), testing kits and ventilators in February.

By negotiating on behalf of its members, it wanted to secure reductions in costs.

There are five schemes:

- A scheme to purchase gloves and coveralls, worth up to €97m
- A ventilator scheme, worth up to €1.4bn
- A scheme to purchase eye and respiratory protection, worth up to €1.4bn
- A testing kit scheme, worth up to €350m
- A scheme to secure the production and supply of vaccines in the EU (four contracts have been concluded)

How do they work?
A 2014 agreement provides a legal basis for the EU to co-ordinate purchasing of medical equipment and vaccines when there is a need for it.

Before a scheme is up and running, countries need to tell the European Commission if they want to take part and how much equipment they think they will need.

The EU then looks for suppliers and negotiates agreements. Once a contract is signed, countries taking part can place their orders for PPE or medical equipment.

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