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Health Hazards Seen in Egg Processing Machine

Health Hazards Seen in Egg Processing Machine

Based on the results of a scientific survey commissioned by the Department of Agriculture, the United Egg Producers have petitioned the department to use its authority under the egg products inspection act to prohibit the use of centrifuge egg processing in bakeries, restaurants and others.To get more news about egg breaking machine, you can visit dinneregg official website.

The centrifuge egg breaking process involves crushing the entire egg, including the shell, and then straining out the liquid.

This process is unsanitary because the egg shells, which can contain bacteria, animal excrement and packaging materials are mingled with the liquid before it is strained and separated, the egg producers said.Machines processing the eggs were patented in 1893, said Al Pope, president of the egg producers association.

"The health and safety issue is clear," said Pope, in urging the government to take action.Skipping breakfast does not mean that a person's mental and physical performance will suffer, says a report in Health magazine.

The report notes that contentions of performance problems over skipping breakfast came from a study done 30 years ago, funded by a breakfast cereal trade organization.The article says nutrition researchers now have concluded that missing the meal does no harm.

As for children, the jury is still out. One study shows that the 12-hour overnight fast produces a much greater drop in blood sugar among children, meaning that if they don't eat breakfast they will be running on empty.

Another report from the Health magazine notes that a new comb has been invented that will remove every last louse egg from a child's hair without the torture-chamber screams.

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