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Quick PCB, Halogen Free PCB

Quick PCB, Halogen Free PCB

Halogen-Free PCB: There is increasing demand for environmentally friendly PCB electronic products. Halogenated compounds have been targeted for reduction and eventual elimination. As such, Halogen-Free PCBs (Quick PCB)are becoming more and more popular because they are constructed of materials that are free of halogen. In addition ,The dielectric constant, dissipation factor and moisture diffusivity of PCB materials that are described as Halogen-Free PCB are different from those employed in PCBs industry.To get more news about Halogen Free PCB, you can visit pcbmake official website.
The following datasheets of pcb material used by A-TECH CIRCUITS, as well as general information, are available for downloading.. Please note that the PCB material listed below may be replaced by technically equivalent or similar materials, according to available stocks on hand. Please inquire case by case when working with critical tolerances.

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