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I also seen people suggest that the front classic wow gold loaded cap to Valor in MoP was the reason it was so bad, and a rested style system where you accumulate a higher cap after periods of inactivity would be better; similar to how the Conquest cap was for Arenas. I agree that this would be a better system for a cap, but I still feel that anycap, regardless of how good the system is, would be an arbitrary new goal line for different people.

And when Byun finally beat Dark in an unforgettable 4 2 series win, the crowd jumped from its chairs, cheering for a player that had played the game since the very beginning of the professional SCII scene. Byun had made a name for himself early in the lifespan of the game before vanishing during the middle expansion before ultimately returning with the final iteration of the SCII franchise to become the world champion in marvelous fashion. The fan favorite, Byun described it as the best day of his life, physically hugging the trophy in bliss as the crowd flashed their cellphones at the golden moment.

First time I started getting interested in WoW lore was around the time I learned about the Scarlet Crusade, an extreme human response to the plague of undeath and the horrors it brought upon Lordaeron. It was a great trope, because it wasn a good vs bad situation it more complicated than that. If you try to force a moral lesson on it, I think it demonstrated that good intentions can lead to horrible results.

Strange things are happening to our robotic spaceexplorers. Also known as the "Pioneer effect"(the unexpected and sudden alterations to Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 trajectories measured as they continue their journey into the outer solar system), similar anomalies arebeing seenin flybys by modern space probes. Earth flybys by Galileo, Rosetta, NEAR and Cassini have all experienced a sudden boost in speed. After cancelling out all possible explanations, including leakage of fuel and velocity measurement error, a new study suggests the answer may lie in a bizarre characteristic of universal physics

Something I personally do is if I holding an item I need to do something with I make sure i dont set it down for any reason. (Sometimes i carry something around for 2 hours) but I won set it somewhere and forget where. Took awhile to develop that habit though

Passion. Closely related to vision, passion is what keeps you moving ahead when times get tough and they will. Continuing, even in the face of adversity and long odds is what passion is all about. True leaders hold deeply the belief that what they are doing really does make a difference. Passion does not guarantee success but lack of it almost certainly guarantees failure.
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