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Bob hairstyle for round faces

Narrow faces with fine facial features can rely on the extreme variant and take on a bold pixie cut. We also recommend the chin-length bob - often with curls. A grown out fringed bangs in the 70ies style gives the face a softer contour. For those who don't like a straight bob edge in their hair, we have even more hairstyles for medium length hair.

Bob hairstyle buy full lace wigs for round faces
A long bob or a graduated bob (the front hair is longer than the hair at the back) is ideal for round faces. If the hair is wavy, the long bob is perfect because it makes the curls a little heavier and visually stretches.

Do everyone stand? Yes! Hairstyles with bangs
Does a bangs match my face shape? That seems to be the crucial question we all ask ourselves before visiting the hairdresser. Am I too fixed with a bangs? Can I wear a fringe bangs with wavy or fine hair? We can easily dispel your concerns, because bangs can wear a lot of hair types and are one of the trend hairstyles. Even curls are pony-ready! Because it depends on the right cut and the perfect styling. And fine hair can also tolerate bangs, they are best cut in fringes or worn as long bangs. When cutting a bangs, make sure that it is placed relatively far back and therefore falls forward tightly and voluminously. Here we also have great photo ideas for bobsleigh with bangs for you and reveal who the step average is! … m-Wig.html

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