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Inspiration for trend hairstyles

Brown tones should shine above all, nourishing tints in nutty shades are popular. Rainbow tones were in 2017, they say goodbye and only play a role in summer at most.

The trend alternative to nut: ash brown. The equivalent of ash blonde for brunettes can be seen on all social media channels and in the metropolises in 2018! You can find even more hair color trends and great color inspirations in our photo gallery. We also have the right hairstyle for every hair color: hairstyles for blonde hair, hairstyles for brown hair, hairstyles for black hair and hairstyles for red hair. And we also show you the right trend hairstyle for different hair lengths: short hairstyles, hairstyles for medium-length hair and hairstyles for long hair.

Inspiration for trend hairstyles
We regularly collect the latest hairstyle pictures from around the world for you and also browse Instagram and Pinterest for new hair and hairstyle trends. Whether bun, pixie cut or pony - the catwalks also provide us with inspiration from all over the world. Models and bloggers give us great patterns for going to the hairdresser. Because once we have discovered a cut and a styling, we can go with it - provided that the full lace wigs hairstyle fits our hair structure and hair length ...

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