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Oily hair after wearing hats and caps

She also shared why the model chose this head of hair.
But I would love to have this hair color. But I know if I bleached my hair, it would be broken. Therefore: a wig does it too.
Firm trend 2020: The Blond Bob
With this look, Stefanie Giesinger has already chosen DIE Trendfrisur 2020: the Blond Bob. Because blond hair - no matter in which shade - we wear this year as a bob hairstyle. This not only gives blonde hair a modern upgrade, but also quickly says goodbye to brittle tips. We love!

Oily hair after wearing hats and caps
In winter hats and hats keep us nice and look stylish, but when we take them off, the hair underneath is flat and greasy. In order not to let it get that far, hairdressers and stylists spray some dry shampoo on the heel. So the excess fat is immediately absorbed and the hairstyle fits like in the morning. lace wigs Hair professional Charlie Taylor from Honey Artists swears by the Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo from Living Proofs for around 28 euros. The over 600 top Amazon reviews go with your recommendation! It not only absorbs and removes oil, but also sweat and unpleasant smell!

Pretend an elaborate hairstyle
Lovers of eccentric hairstyles and wow curls should pay more attention here, because for a great curl splendor à la Gisele Bündchen you don't need an appointment with the hairdresser. Simply divide your hair into four sections and curl them with the ultimate curling iron from Remington for just 30 euros instead of 40 euros.

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Re : Oily hair after wearing hats and caps

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