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It can be worth asking too what 'kit' they use. |They should be using professional grade cameras, lenses and speedlights (flash-gun)If you are not sure take a note of all the details and phone your local camera shop and ask! Important things to think about are ISO (used to exposure control, especially in low-light conditions) and megapixels (give good definition and overall quality - meaning large enlargements are possible). Lenses should be professional grade (this makes the most difference in the quality of an image), they should also have a good aperture range (at least f4 to f16). This viaxin will allow creative control and again help shooting in low light conditions. Your photographer should be using some sort of artificial lighting. The minimum being a speedlight to provide what is called 'fill-in flash'. This is essential to light up dark faces and eliminate shadows, especially on a sunny day. Also it will be essential for the indoor and evening shots. You should check as well that your photographer has spare kit. It is no good if they have just one of each (especially camera bodies and speedlights) as equipment can fail and they need to be prepared.
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