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Is It Hot To Wear A Lace Front Wig In Summer?

A good rule of thumb is if you can SEE through the cap, it’s going to be cooler. So look through the wig cap and see if you can see daylight. Daylight = breeze. If not, save that big heavy wig for cooler days.  Your wig stylist can selectively “thin” lace front wigs down to create less volume (and less heat) for you, so if you’ve loved that synthetic wig all winter, and are in the 4th+ month, consider having it thinned for summer. With care, most synthetic wigs have a 9-12 month shelf life, and at 4+months, having it trimmed to wear the rest of the summer may be a good option. If it’s brand new, wear it for evening wear or cooler summer days.
Although wearing a wig in summer is hot anduncomfortable, please don’t worry, here are some tips can help us to deal with the issues and fell a bit less uncomfortable.
1.Cutting your own hair is a very effective method.
You need shave the human hair weave under the wig more often in summer. The less hair under the wig, the less discomfort you will feel, so cut your hair as often as possible and don’t keep it too long. If you are a senior wig girl, wear a wig almost every day, shaving is also a good choice. When the summer passes, your hair will grow longer. 
2.Choose a wig with more thin lace
Some brands have thick and hard lace, which we need to avoid. In summer, we have to choose the human hair wigs with thin lace, like HD lace wig, which has softer lace and better breathability, lalso it will blend well with our skin, so we don't have to apply foundation, so the scalp can breathe freely.
3.Choose a wig with less thick hair.
A large portion of the population always like thick hair, but in summer, we can choose a wig with a lower density, which is lighter, and believe it or not, even thin hair, you can get big hair look with some styling.
4.Bob is a good choice
 Bob is for summer!
5.Wear your wig in an updo.
Usually we just let our hair fall off, but in summer, we can do some hairstyles to reduce the discomfort, such as spcae bun or high ponytail. Regular lace frontal wigs may not be suitable for these hairstyles, the tracks at the back may leak out, but 360 lace frontal wig and full lace wig allow us to do updo hairstyles.
Keeping your head cool when wearing wigs in summer is important. However, if you’re feeling overheated, one of the fastest ways to cool down is to run cold water over the inside of your wrists. Many runners do this to cool down after a run, as the blood vessels are very close to the surface on your pulse points, it’s a great way to cool down quickly.

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