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Revenant demon – Level 98 allows you to become invisible

Revenant demon – Level 98 allows you to become invisible and can attack other players, but it also turns off their auto retaliation for 10 secs. Revenant Ork Level 105 uses melee and can be used to attack those inside buildings, max hit 25, 180hp. Revenant dark beast (Level 120) is healer. It heals stronger units first by using magic and it has a range of 24 and 23 meters.

Revenant knight – Level 126 has the ability to use melee and range to strike between 20 and 27. It also has the ability to shoot and bash multiple units many times and is able to produce 250HP. Revenant Dragon - Level 135 can tele block, heal stun, freeze, drain, turn invisible and breath fire. The maximum hit using magic melee is 20, 300hp. Revenant God Level 500 melee, 100 range, 100 mage-30, can kill someone in one shot, 500hp

If you freeze you are able to attack, but cannot move. How Many Revs Are There? When I say they will fight, I am referring to the fact that they will use their strongest power... There will be 25 groups of Revenants, and after five minutes of fighting, the next wave will come trecking along. 20 imps come dirrectly to your fortress and begin bashing it, if it gets to a small amount of hp it will explode. 15 imps and 5 goblins will only attack the defenders. 10 goblins with 15 imps will go around attacking ANYTHING that is in their sight.

15 goblins and five icefiends attack players. Your castle will be attacked by 20 goblins (10 imps) and 3 Icefiends (3 icefiends). There are now 20 goblins, 10 imps 3 icefiends and 5 pyrefiends that will attack attackers. 20 goblins, 10 icefiends and five pyrefiends be sent to your builders. We've lost the goblin. Now, 10 icefiends, 10 pyrefiends, 10 hobgoblins and 10 pyrefiends are ready to attack every object that is in their view. 15 Icefiends, 10 pyrefiends, and 15 hobgoblins will strike your fortress

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