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Couple scratches picnic plan after winning $100,000 lottery prize

Couple scratches picnic plan after winning $100,000 lottery prize

A local couple’s plans for picnic took a detour to Augusta last week to turn in a scratch lottery ticket worth $100,000.Lexy Duguay, 22, of Rumford and Aaron Libby, 24, of Dixfield were making their way to Smalls Falls in Township E south of Rangeley on June 22 when they stopped at Bradbury’s Market & Diner in Carthage for Italian sandwiches.Get more news about 菲律宾彩票包网平台,you can vist

While waiting for their food, Aaron mentioned he had a $5 winning ticket in his vehicle. Lexy went to get it and returned with a second $5 winning ticket her grandmother had given her for Easter in March.

Aaron suggested cashing them in for a $10 ticket, but said, “I think we should buy two fives. So he picked one and I picked one,” Lexy said.They left with their sandwiches and two scratch tickets. A ways down the road Lexy scratched Aaron’s ticket. Nothing.

“Then I’m scratching mine and I’m like, ‘Crap, I’m going to lose mine, too.’ I’m almost to the end and all of sudden I hit a 9, and I said, ‘Oh cool, I matched.’ Then, I’m scratching, ooh, a hundred bucks. I was all about winning 100 bucks, then I kept scratching, and I was like, ‘No way. This is fake!'” she said.

“We just won a hundred thousand dollars!” she told him.They canceled their plans for the day and went directly to the Maine State Lottery office in Augusta “to drop it off so we didn’t lose it,” she said.

Because the office is closed due to the pandemic, they “made us put it in an envelope and put in a drop box, which was kinda scary. So they ended up shipping us a check in the mail.”Lexy just completed her fourth year at Husson University in Bangor and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in health sciences. She graduate with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in two years.

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