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How to write a review for an abstract

How to write a review for an abstract

Writing a review text for a master's / candidate's / doctoral thesis consists of 10 main steps:

We get acquainted with the text of the author's abstract of the master's (candidate's, doctoral) dissertation

Constructive feedback is impossible without a detailed study of the dissertation author's abstract hired at do my papers service. The author's task is to identify the positive, negative aspects of the work done, to track the correct choice of the topic and other nuances that affect the objectivity of the future review.

We design a "review header"

When formatting the title of the document, the word "Review" is located in the center of the line at the top of the page. The next obligatory line is “for thesis abstract”. The third line contains information about the applicant for a scientific degree / graduate of the master's degree and the topic of the dissertation research. The last line of the header contains information about the specialty of the author of the author's abstract for the dissertation. After the design of the "heading" of the review, the main text is printed with width justification or left-justified - it depends on the methodological recommendations.

Assessing the degree of importance of dissertation research

The main task of the author of the review bought at in this part of the document is to reasonably assess the degree of importance of the research carried out: the benefits of the results obtained, the literacy of the chosen research methodology, etc.
Based on the information studied in the abstract, we determine how interesting the chosen topic of the dissertation will be to ordinary readers or specialists in the field under study. This approach is successfully applied in assessing the relevance of the problem under consideration.

We evaluate the degree of scientific novelty and the quality of the selected research methodology

Scientific novelty is a fundamental factor in the quality of any dissertation work. The author of the review evaluates the degree of scientific novelty based on the works of predecessor scientists.
In the text of this part of the document, a brief assessment of the selected research methodology is given by essay assistance: the correctness / logical validity of the selected experiments, the level of the author's approach to solving the problem, the use of known methods to obtain the necessary results on the topic of work, etc.

We analyze the used literary sources

When compiling the text of the review for the abstract, the author evaluates all used literary sources used by the undergraduate or applicant for a scientific degree in the preparation of scientific experiments.
The role of the considered theoretical provisions, the degree of their application in the research part of the dissertation abstract are necessarily indicated. The main task in this part of the review is an objective characteristic of the obtained experimental data, their degree of correspondence with theoretical / practical fundamental provisions in the area under study.

We describe the positive aspects of work

In the process of studying the merits of the dissertation thesis, the author of the review carefully evaluates the significance of the results obtained, the methodological basis for the further development of the studied branch of knowledge.
Based on the description of the experiments performed, the author at proposal writing help will determine the professional level of a master's student, candidate for a candidate / doctoral degree. Particular attention is paid to the correctness of the use of specific terminology, abbreviations and abbreviations in the text of the abstract, as well as the clarity of the work, the correctness of building the structure, etc.

We study the negative aspects of the abstract

The disadvantages of the author's abstract include the following:
- lack of the required evidence base;
- incorrect / incorrect formulation of the main
- definitions on the research topic;
- use of outdated, irrelevant information;
- errors in drawing up the structure, design, etc.
- Undeveloped research methodology;

We formulate comments / recommendations on the studied text

When making comments or recommendations on the text of the abstract, changing the general idea of the written document, the author must mark this with a remark in the text. If the remarks are made in a recommendatory manner, this is also indicated.

Summing up and drawing up general conclusions about the considered document

When summarizing and drawing conclusions on the studied author's abstract, the author is recommended to indicate the following information in the text of the review:
- the degree of elaboration of the problem posed;
- the completeness of the description of all stages of the research;
- presence / absence of data required to fully substantiate the hypothesis put forward;
- presence / absence of explanations in graphic form on the topic

- work (tables, graphs, diagrams, pictures, diagrams, etc.);
- correctness / errors in the design of the structure and text of the abstract
- compliance of the document with the basic requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission Regulation "On the procedure for awarding an academic degree" (relevant for applicants for a candidate / doctoral degree).

We indicate information about the author of the review and the place of work

At the end of the review, the author indicates his own full name, academic degree / title and place of work. The original of the review is printed in two copies. If the document was drawn up on behalf of a production organization or institution, it is required to stamp and certify your own signature with the head of the personnel department.

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