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Wanted to just ask Piers if he would call the PM of the UK an buy cheap runescape gold incompetent liar on TV because a healthcare website did not work, and the President did say that those with health care could keep it. He spent the entire interview with Mitt Romney wife bowing and scraping, it was hilarious, I guess she is considered American royalty because of her big bucks. He even got her to admit that the President was an incompetent liar too. Way to go Piers, you just lost another person, and CNN another viewer. The demographics do not lie. Tone down the rhetoric, its rude and unbecoming.
However, there was at least one dissenting voice inside the halls of Congress on Tuesday. That was Rae Abileah, a Jewish American activist of Israeli descent with the group CodePink disrupting Netanayahu. Standing in the Congressional gallery, she yelled, more occupation, stop Israel war crimes, equal rights for Palestinians, occupation is indefensible.
No matter how much you have, you can spend it very easily. Spending money is the easiest thing in the world. One little smart thing I did was, I had my accountant put aside a very tiny percentage for each of my kids, and it looked like peanuts, but over the years, it added up and it really taken care of a lot of things that they needed when they got older. It not that you don believe in yourself, but you just don have someone else balancing you out; you don have somebody else saying, 'don spend that; you just lost this much; don do it again It like being married; you just don have anything to balance.
Having said that, they'll be extremely well taken care of. The people at the company handling their trip are so nice and hands on. Then, our vet friend Karin, who's had years of experience traveling with cats, will pick them up at the Santiago airport, and bring them with her to her vet clinic. She lives in the southern city where Andrew and I used to live before coming to the UK, and where we're returning. Our friend will keep the cats until Andrew and I find a place to live.
Say you were having a party where there were plenty of introverts, some kids (over the age of 8), and creative people who maybe wanted a break from standing around talking. There was some kind of really interesting three dimensional thing(s) being built by people of varying skill levels in the corner of the room, that functioned in some humorous/cool way when "activated." There are not many rules or tough instructions. What is this thing?
If your cat stays inside all of the time, you might think she's automatically protected from these kinds of diseases. But she could still catch airborne germs that might come in through a window or door. And even the most docile kitties sometimes make a run for it. If your cat gets outside, you want to make sure she's protected. Indoor cats may also pick up bacteria and viruses when they stay at a kennel and if you bring a new cat home.

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