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Research on Cameroon Aquaculture Status

Aquaculture in the structure of fish farming used to be brought in Cameroon in 1948. But, it nevertheless stays marginal. The population's demand is estimated at extra than 400,000 tones, however manufacturing is nevertheless inadequate to meet this demand. Indeed, the contribution of fisheries and aquaculture is much less than 1% of GDP and these of aquaculture much less than 0.1%. However, aquaculture is the quickest developing meals manufacturing region in the world. Research being the foundation and the spine of development, this overview is an stock of works of aquaculture lookup in Cameroon. To the most famous species (common carp, North African catfish and tilapia) is brought nowadays a dozen of endemic species. The lookup has been involved in current years with fry production, nutrition, composition, domestication of fish and additionally their parasites. Important work have additionally been carried out on the intensification of fish farming, the use of agricultural by-products in aquaculture, the promoting of built-in aquaculture and on the manageable bad influences of fish farming on the occurrence of ailments and on the environment. It additionally positioned specific emphasis on the constraints of fish farming in Cameroon, in particular on the situation of adoption of new farming innovations, the relative profitability of fish farming, the want for guide to fish farmers, the relation research-farmer, the financing of fish farming, and many different constraints. This simple work already achieved by means of lookup can be improved. It will as a result be capable to make contributions in lowering the giant deficit of Cameroonian aquaculture production. 

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