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What Is A Transparent Lace Front Wig

Nowadays, it is more popular for woman to wear a lace wig. There are also so many people confused with the lace color. What is undetectable Transparent Lace front wigs?  In this article, we will talk about it...


What Is A Transparent Lace Front Wig?
Transparent lace wig usually includes Transparent Lace Front Wig and transparent full lace wig. A transparent lace front wig means a wig sewn in a lace frontal with 3 or 4 bundles hair. It uses a transparent lace that is undetectable and invisible lace.

Transparent lace frontal wigs are virtually undetectable sheer lace material running along the hairline and are designed to mimic a natural looking hairline allowing the hair to be styled in a pulled back style or away from your face.

The transparent lace generally goes from temple to temple or even ear to ear, all depending on your personal preference and style. Each strand of hair is individually knotted into transparent lace hole by hand, creating the illusion of natural looking hairline!

There are two kinds of transparent lace frontal wig: 13x4 transparent lace frontal wig and 13x6 transparent lace frontal wig. The width of the lace is different, if you want to part your wig for a long pre-plucked hairline, you can choose 13x6 lace frontal.

The Advantages Of Undetectable Transparent Lace Wig ?
Made of import transparent lace and sew in unprocessed 100% virgin human hair, soft for wearing.

It is very hard to realize that it is in fact a wig, because it looks like your natural scalp skin with transparent lace on the wig. Looks more natural and integrated.

Undetectable transparent lace wigs will offer you a wonderful hairline. With it, you can restyle your hair to any style you like, such as: wear pulled back hairstyles, side part hairstyles and other hairstyles you want.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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Re : What Is A Transparent Lace Front Wig


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