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I'd assert that the OSRS team has a severe lack of eyesight

If that's how you are thinking about RuneScape gold , then what does amassing a few pixels do for you at all? People like to play with video games and to establish goals. It is mind numbing the number of men and women worry about others. Its not much about stress about others, but providing a crap about nearly everybody else, because they believe everyone thinks the exact same way. Game is grindy since it's dont need to force feed other people with it.

The over-promise and under-deliver since it gets people to get the premier club each year, and as soon as they have their cash from that it's like they no longer give a fuck about the real updates. Jagex has the skilling contract frame laid out quite a little while ago. For example, PoF contracts have been added on the fly. It was only a ninja upgrade that took a few days. In case Jagex needs, they could add contracts to all the additional skills on the fly in both RS3 and OSRS too.

It is funny since osrs already has wintertod and zolcano Skilling bosses which are pretty common content. I'd assert that the OSRS team also has a severe lack of eyesight. Why is it that we need battle bosses for non battle skills? What's wrong with bunch mini games? IMO this is the product of hiring an entire production of Devs that just knows PvM and nothing out of it. Hell, even the Mahogany Homes upgrade is only construction which employs the Slayer job based program.

You don't utilize combat to kill Todt/Zalcano. They can damage you, that I suppose is like these being in combat with you, but I would say that is part of making it a boss. Right, and I'm saying why do we want that for non combat skills? Why does everything need to have a supervisor? Big game hunter is a great example of just what a skilling boss could be in my view.

Because a game with 28 skills must also have challenging and fulfilling end game material for gamers that aren't into PvM. Why do you think it's a terrible thing for another 2/3 of the game to have endgame articles? Completely agree. I love PvM and'm a PvM'er at heart and even I am saying enough is enough. In addition, I enjoy skilling and would love some group mini games or non combat activities I can also do which aren't focused around assaulting something or using the slayer task system. The game is not well rounded at all and I'm not even sure the mods know how to OSRS buy gold make anything without the word"boss" inside at this point.

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