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Posted In Community, TLH SchoolsTerri obtained her Master's Degree in Education from Hofstra University in New York before relocating to paradise (aka Florida) and now boasts 15 years of teaching experience. Prior to this dramatic career change, she maintained an extensive resume of programming and consulting experience. Her coming of age novel, "The Dorm," was just released and now available on Amazon, kobo and Barnes and Noble..

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Like countless others this week, Conan O'Brien remembered Williams' great capacity for thoughtfulness and kindness. When O'Brien was feeling down during the "Tonight Show" debacle, a bike arrived out of the blue from Williams, outfitted for maximum ridiculousness. Said O'Brien: "It's particularly courageous for someone to be that generous of spirit in the face of that kind of depression.".

Keto is not for everyone. If it doesn work for you, don do it. If anyone tries to convince you, grey rock them and just say "it didn work for me." But damning an entire methodology because of your own negative experience is just absurd. Some songs will feature audience participation. For $16 per person (available by RSVP only). Tickets are $40, free for students through age 23.

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