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Do you know which websites can buy New World Cions?

One of the main problems with the upcoming server transfer feature is that it returns to what Amazon originally said, players can transfer between world regions, but this is not the case now, you can only transfer within your region, North America East, NA West et al. This is a big problem because it is a gulf separating many groups, but there is no word on whether this will happen one day. We also don't know the details about how the server transfer will work.
In addition to gaining money in the game, you can go to the sales website to check it out. I recommend MMOSO, There have New World Coins For Sale which is a professional and legal website so that you will not be banned from the game after purchase.  MMOSO is a professional global game trading service platform. The reason for being professional is that we understand the rules of each game better, so as to avoid losses for both parties. And it's worth saying that they have Cheap New World Coins, after purchase Fast delivery. They actually support global payment methods and do not have to worry about leaking personal information. All in all, they are fast, cheap, safe and convenient.

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