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Functionalized powdered activated carbon electrospun nanofiber membran

Functionalized powdered activated carbon electrospun nanofiber membranes for adsorption of
A functionalized adsorptive electrospun nanofiber membrane (ENM) was successfully prepared via the one-step electrospinning of polyacrylonitrile blended with powdered activated carbon (PAC). Addition of salt to the polymer blend resulted in thinner filaments and enhanced the specific surface area of the membrane. Membranes prepared with salt addition exhibited a 45% increase in Freundlich adsorption capacity and 1.9 times higher adsorption rate constant for the removal of methylene blue (MB), a surrogate micropollutant, from water. Furthermore, the total permeate volume at 20% breakthrough was 35% greater for NaCl-PAC-ENM compared to that of PAC-ENM. These results were supported by the BET analysis that confirmed the effective surface area of membranes increased by 75% upon salt addition. The dynamic breakthrough behaviour of these membranes closely followed the Yoon-Nelson model, while the percent removal of MB exhibited an exponential relationship with the contact time. Finally, assuming the rate of adsorption of MB was mass transfer-limited, a mathematical model was developed to predict MB removal rate.coal activated charcoal

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