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Vape starter kit sales rise

Vape starter kit sales rise

In New Zealand, Ben Pryor, co-owner of Alt New Zealand and Vapo, has seen a 30 percent rise in the sale of vapor device starter kits through the companies’ online stores.To get more news about Unix Pod Kit, you can visit univapo official website.

With the outbreak of Covid-19 and the following lockdowns, traditional cigarette sales seem to have gone down, and many smokers are turning to vaping.

“There are a few things at play here. People are quitting cigarettes because of their sheer cost and the increasing pressure many household budgets are now under. At the same time, the threat of Covid-19 has made many smokers more cognizant of their respiratory health and smoking’s secondhand effects on others in their bubble,” Pryor said.

The lockdowns caused 11 Vapo stores to close, negatively affecting the company. But the upswing in online sales has helped temper that. “We’ve really noticed a big increase in our Alt and Vapo Haiz starter kit sales,” Pryor said. “Our call center is reporting that many smokers are using this time to quit tobacco so are seeking advice and turning to considerably safer and cost-effective vape products more than ever.”

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