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OVO-TECH vacuum egg breaker

OVO-TECH vacuum egg breaker

The Rz-0 vacuum egg breaker machine from OVO-TECH is used to produce fresh egg liquid and is designed for confectionery, bakery and egg processing companies. Operated by one person, the machine has special knives attached to two half egg-shaped capsules that break an egg in two. The yolks then separate from the albumin and then drop into different containers. The machine has a capacity of 1600 eggs/hour or 3600 broken eggs per shift.  To get more news about Quail egg machinery, you can visit dinneregg official website.
There is no doubt that the SANOVO egg loaders and egg breakers are the best performing equipment on the market. Dirk Goede, Owner of Adriaan Goede B.V. Adriaan Goede B.V. The strengths of SANOVO are: Their experience in egg breaking. Their processing knowledge. Their technical support. Their participation during start-up and installation of the,Main - Egg breakers, egg centrifuges, egg washers - OVO-TECH,egg breakers with the function of separating egg whites from yolks, centrifuges for fresh egg liquid production, pneumatic filters for egg liquid filtering, UV-C egg disinfection machines. OVO-TECH IN THE WORLD. Our distributors. offers full support in product and sales affairs. Sylwester Wiktorowski. Marketing, Export and Development Manager.Egg Breaker single line RZ—1, Made in OVO-TECH,- YouTube,5/10/2014· The operator of the machine is searching the damaged egg yolks and remove them to the gutter drain. Egg white and yolk flow into the distributor, which redirects separate white and yolk to,

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