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Egg Cleaning Machine: Commercial Egg Washing Machine

Egg Cleaning Machine: Commercial Egg Washing Machine

USDA requires producers to wash eggs with warm water at least 20°F and at least 90°F higher than the internal temperature of the eggs. It is also necessary to use a cleaning agent that does not cause any odor to the eggs. After cleaning, the eggs must be rinsed with warm water containing chemical disinfectants to remove residual bacteria. Then they are dried to remove excess water.To get more news about Egg breaker machine, you can visit dinneregg official website.
The easiest way to ensure that your eggs are clean is to keep the nest clean. Also, please check the nest box frequently. Remove the eggs as soon as they are found.
Make sure that the eggs laid have a clean layer of straw or bedding. If the eggshell layer is too thin, the egg may fall on a hard surface, crack, and the yolk is everywhere. Please keep in mind that the hen may also throw straw from the nest box, so please change it regularly and remove the feces when leaving. In addition, do not let the chickens sleep in the nest box. That is the main reason for a large amount of manure.
If you do find that one of the chicken’s vents is dirty, or the feathers look dirty, it’s time to bathe the chicken. Use warm water, mild pet shampoo, and clean the dirty area as if it were clean. Dry the poultry with a towel. To ensure your safety during the washing process, please wear rubber gloves and clean the basin with a mild bleach solution.

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