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How to Quickly Get to The High Friendship Level In Animal Crossing

Friendship, the mechanic that visibly upsets you when your beloved villager wants you to quit, but still makes you want to whack someone with a net on the head because they are ugly and you want them permanently out of your life. There are also specifics about friendship, a number of them.

So here's how you can keep your closest mates in your beloved villages! Your villagers will have stages of friendship between one and six, with a special relationship with the villager provided at each stage. They begin with twenty-five friendship points when an animal comes to your island. The way you connect with them defines how easily you can achieve the highest level of friendship. You have up to a 10 percent chance to get the villagers framed portrait until you hit level five or six, who wouldn't want the ultimate symbol of friendship from the villager you buy animal crossing Nook miles tickets to search. So how can you raise the friendship points you need with the villagers?

A friendship point will bring you the first let's talk choice of the day. There's nothing you get after that but to feel good that you've valued a made-up NPC. You still get a point for purchasing an object from them, so if they inquire, just purchase it.

Catching the awful villagers' fleas earns you plus five stars. It's worthwhile. And though they sell for virtually zero. It's not all about wealth, it's furniture that is the best thing to offer your villages regular gifts. They will still offer you, plus three points of friendship. You'll earn an extra point by wrapping the present before handing it to them. However, a packaged slice of fruit for their birthday is as far as you need to go. If you hit a degree of friendship that is strong enough, your villagers can send you out on quests. Your success on the quest is either graded normal or excellent, one of the quests involves retrieving lost objects, if your friendship rating is high enough, you will examine these lost items. And choosing the right villager will give you bonus points before anyone else tells you who it is. Other quests include the capturing of fish and bugs, the supply of medication to sick villagers, delivery to other villagers, and the mini-game of lost gold. Your friendship points are earned from finishing any of these quests.

There is a little information on how the points for this are collected, such as how you can run out of time during the treasure hunt. But if you still send the villager the treasure back, you'll win points. Or opening a delivery item or just not delivering it straight up can lose your friendship points. There's not anything that can harm the degree of friendship with the villagers. But if you want to make a villager hate you, there are certain items you might do. You'll lose two points by offering trash for a regular gift like rotten turnip or serving garbage caught up. By taking five friendship points away, doing so on their birthday brings a bit more pressure to their soul. Catching them with a net that takes away three points before they are clearly angry. It would cause them upset to speak to a sick villager and to suggest you have medication for them without really getting medicine to give. And one friendship point will be stripped down. A few acts do not impact friendship points at all, including writing letters to villagers, avoiding them, talking too often to them before they have the irritating feeling over their heads. Catching them or forcing them down a pitfall with an additional shovel.

But how can you bring an unwanted animal from your island to pass away? Are you going to cover their house with barbed wire and neglect them? No, not you. There is a greater possibility for villagers with lower levels of friendship to step on, although it does not ensure that they will be the next ones to move away. There is an opportunity for all of your villagers to inquire. If the villager asks to go on, however you order them to continue, it would be a cool-down for five days before another villager asks. Just because they've got the bubble of thinking over their head doesn't imply they want to travel. The five-day cool-down can be stopped by closing the game without saving before completing the chat with the villager you want to continue with. Often they give you stuff. This passes the bubble of thinking to another villager, where you may try again. There's a 15-day cool-down after the villager heads out before anyone asks.

Villagers would be disqualified from wanting to travel, but by utilizing amiibo and random campsite members, whether their house is actually being moved; they had a birthday in the last week; they were the last villager requested to move, so you advised them to remain, or they're the next villager asking to move in; it's in the air if the last argument is totally true. It's this way in the code, but others have confirmed that their new villager has demanded to step out.

When you offend a villager by smashing them with a net, you have a 20 percent chance of winning the three points back by apologizing to them. There is an ultimate relationship backdoor. They'll show positive feelings if they're happy with your apologies. Talking to them when they're satisfied would give you three more points of friendship. So you'd net a total of three friendship points, in the end, to hit your neighbors in the game. Just Animal Crossing. If you manage to do this and reset it, the villager does not show a positive feeling, you can potentially earn limitless points of friendship.

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