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5 Forex Brokers’ Licenses Have Been Revoked This Week

5 Forex Brokers’ Licenses Have Been Revoked This Week

Forex brokers with updated license status this week are presented below for your information to avoid investment risks.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.
  The following 5 forex brokers have invalid regulatory status due to their fake or revoked licenses, indicating huge potential risks. So it is suggested that investors should stay away from them.
  WikiFX, a forex broker info search tool, is popular among global senior investors! If youre interested, please visit King Fraser
  The broker King Fraster is suspected of having cloned FSPR financial services license.
  2. Mont Pierre
  The ASIC AR license claimed by the broker Mont Pierre has been “revoked”.
  3. OrangeFX
  The VFSC retail forex license claimed by the broker OrangeFX has been “revoked”.
  4. Bright
  The FCA investment consulting license claimed by the broker Bright has been “revoked”.
  The broker DINGJIN is suspected of holding cloned FSPR financial services license and NFA general financial license.

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