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How To Wear A 360 Lace Frontal Wig

A 360 Wigs is basically a full wig. With a bigger parting space, it allows a more realistic look, pre-plucked hairline for a natural feeling.

Wear this wig, you can feel comfortable and no longer have an annoying feeling of itching on your skin. You can adjust the hair if you want. For some people who suffer from hair loss, medium or severe balding, we highly recommend using a 360 Lace Wig. Wearing it, you can position where to inflate your hair and hide the hairless area as well.

How To Wear A360 Lace Frontal Wig
Before installing a wig, make sure that you have fresh hair. Gently wash your bio hair with natural shampoo and conditioner. Now, you start installing your wig.

Step 1: Brush your edges away from the hairline
This is gonna avoid your hair coming into any contact with the glue as you don’t want glue on your natural hair.

Step 2: Wear a stocking cap
You should choose a wig cap that matches your skin tone perfectly. Pull the wig cap to cover all your head, remember to pull your ears out and then push the wig cap back so you can show a little bit of hair to make your hair look more natural.

Step 3: Place the wig on your head
Put it on your head and see how it fits. Then cut the extra lace off on both sides and the front of your wig. You can adjust the straps if you want to tighter or looser, it is totally up to you.

Make sure that your airs are fit completely.
Step 4: Clean skin surrounding the hairline
Use the rubbing alcohol to clean your skin surrounding the hairline. Ensure that you don’t have any oils, dirt or anything near your hairline because it will not make the glue stick too well.

Step 5: Apply glue
Apply a thin layer of glue above or before the hairline. Don’t put it on your existing hair. Once the first layer is dry, you can apply the second layer.

Step 6: Attach a 360 lace wig human hair to glue
Attach your wig to glue. Do the middle part first, push it down with your fingers and then work on 2 sides. Don’t pull the lace since your skin will wrinkle so make sure you just lightly put it where it belongs.

Step 7: Glue the back
It’s time for the back. Wipe this area clean and test it out before you glue it. Then use the glue and apply it to the nape of your neck. Dry it a little bit and did the second layer. Stuck the wig on and press it down with your fingers. Tie it down again with your hand. Now, you have full hair with a 360 frontal lace wig.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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