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What Is The Maintenance Needed For A Lace Front Wigs

Lace Front Wigs complete the desired look of a sew-in hair weave by closing off the install, eliminating the need to blend and leave out. It’s the “finishing piece” that completes a full head of weave. It’s a recreation of the hairline that is essentially a protective style, giving your hairline and edges a break from the tension of sew-ins. Human Hair Lace Front Wigs spread from ear to ear frontal and range from there is only one part of having the option of partying your frontal anywhere you like. The weft lengths all tend to be around 13 x 4 inches, but there are frontals with lengths of 13 x 2 inches or 13 x 6 inches.

Will a frontal protect my hair?
Sure, it can. It all depends on your upkeep, if you get the proper maintenance, proper install, and if you remove your frontal properly. It won't hurt your own hair, while it can help you protect your hair.

Will a frontal take my hair out?
No, it depends on how you remove your frontal. You must remove it properly. If you remove your 13x4 Lace Front Wig as you should, you will have absolutely no problem, you might even see some growth in your edges. But if you snatch it off, yes, your edges will come out, but if you use the suggested products, you will have every single edge that you started with.

Can I wear my frontal on vacation?
Yes, you can wear it on vacation, your frontal can even get wet, but it can’t get soaked or drenched. So that means, don’t go snorkeling without headgear or expect to get dunked in the pool with no repercussions.

What is the maintenance needed for a lace frontal installation?
Be very gentle!!! Do not comb, brush, or tamper with your frontal excessively. Do not stick anything in it. This is a very delicate piece. The frontal is pretty much a net, so you have to be very careful, it is very easy to put a hole in it.

How long does a lace frontal installation last?
It depends on how you perspire. If you perspire/sweat a lot, it is not going to stay on if it is installed with glue/adhesive. Frontals are not for people who sweat in their heads or are really sweaty. If you sweat a lot, it’s not for you because it is not going to stick (if glued). Adhesive and sweat don’t go well together. But overall, frontal installations should last 2-3 weeks.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

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