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Katrina Hynds
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with elevated floor panels you gain many advantages

The laying of the cabling and “removable” technology are just two examples when it comes to a double floor structure and high-quality double floor systems. Companies are increasingly asking for the installation of raised floor systems, which form an optimal basis for the different uses of office rooms, IT rooms, as well as industrial and work rooms and other rooms.Would you like to plan your company for the future and decide on flexible use of the space when you set up the office or industrial hall? Then a raised floor is the solution with which you can make all the arrangements for the future and changes in the use of space even now

We would be happy to explain the numerous advantages and individual possibilities of our raised floor systems to you personally and show you why flooring with raised floor panels is a real innovation with cost-saving performance.Our raised floor construction is realized with robust and resilient raised floor panels

All double floor systems available here have been tested for their properties and quality in accordance with DIN EN 12 825 and have been certified by various independent institutes.Why is a raised floor practical in offices and commercial units? You decide economically and do not have to plan for a new renovation if you want to make a technical change or use a room differently after a few years of business

The access floor construction of HG flooring systems gives you creative freedom and helps to save a lot of time and money for conversions or retrofitting.When it comes to the advantageous properties and areas of application of raised floor panels, the following details automatically come into focus

The access floor systems are: absolutely flexible & high load capacity.Easy removal and replacement of individual panels (ideal for subsequent installations)

Ideal for the immediate & subsequent installation of supply and electricity lines.Very good walking comfort
Can be covered with a large selection of coverings made of wood, stone, carpets & other materials for surface design.Each raised floor structure consists of a variably constructed substructure

In this way, we can install high-quality raised floor slabs in the entire room, but also in the form of a gallery, and explicitly adapt the floor structure to your wishes and requirements.Do you have any questions or would you like to commission a raised floor? Contact us and make a decision that is advantageous for the future

Overview of areas of application for raised floor panels.In addition to offices, raised floor panels with the appropriate substructure are ideal for your control center in the company, for IT and training or seminar rooms

Our raised floor systems are also a practical and versatile solution in industrial and factory halls.A lot can change in the course of an entrepreneurship

Technization is progressing and may bring with it the necessity to move completely new cabling as part of a restructuring to the newest possibilities of digitization.If you have already decided in advance for a practical double floor that can be removed in individual panels, you will save yourself a costly floor tear and all the inconveniences associated with it

The new technology is simply installed in the construction under the raised floor panels, after which the floor is closed and covered again.Since our double floor systems are compatible with many covering materials, preferably with self-laying carpet tiles, the double floor construction is suitable for a large part of the commercially used rooms

Of course, the materials of the substructure and the double floor panels meet the requirements for fire protection and safety regulations in your office, in the factory building, in control centers and other rooms.

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