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We're trying, though, not to go overboard. DD just had a birthday, and we gave her a playhouse rs3 gold (bought used off of Craig's List)and a play doh set that cost less than $10. For Christmas, she's getting a tricycle (probably also used), a book, a puzzle and a few stocking stuffers. I can think of at least five more toys I think she'd love, but I know she doesn't need them.

Some scientists come home from their everyday jobs, have dinner with their families and then settle down to solving the world's problems before bedtime. Networking and collaborating online with like minded scientists, they access data made available by organisations looking for solutions to problems as far reaching as the behaviour of HIV, road traffic forecasting, hospital resource requirements and even who will win the Eurovision song contest. Phil Brierlyis a bit like me. He's just come home from his day job at IBM and he's working on his nightly puzzle: trying to prevent over expenditure in the American healthcare system. In fact, six hundred and forty four other people across the world are competing with Phil Brierly on this one problem, through a website called Kaggle.

Te sacan todo tipo de libertad y esta todo reglamentado, te obligan a tomar la medicacion sino "pichicata" (una injeccion intramuscular de un relajante muscular ) y a dormir por 2 dias. vi tipos cagados y meados despues de estar 3 dias desmayados por eso, dormis en un cuarto con 4 tipos. terapia grupal todos lo dias donde escuchabas la vida de mierda de los pobres tipos que terminaban ahi. en general los compa;eros son una garcha y te van a bajar el nivel, los que laburan ahi peor, los psiquiatras repartian antipsicoticos y drogas re fuertes como caramelos para tener a todo el mundo calmado/zombi. La mayoria estaba minimo 12 meses, no sabes lo lento que se pasa el tiempo.

Karl Anthony Towns Free Throw Lifts Wolves Over Warriors In OTKarl Anthony Towns made a free throw with 0.5 seconds remaining in overtime after Stephen Curry led a frantic rally to tie the game, lifting the Minnesota Timberwolves to a 131 130 victory over the Golden State Warriors on Friday night.

Funnily enough, I back where I was. My friends have either moved away for jobs, passed away, or lost contact. I get what you mean about being lonely. I go to work and then go home and even though there is human interaction, it feels hollow and like I a person controlling a robot that is my body. But fuck that noise, I going to join a salsa class and hopefully get out of this funk. You can too! Rutgers does have a great social life, and it due to the sheer number of students who attend. While you here wishing for a good group of friends, there are others just like you waiting for that friend. I just wish I had realized it my freshman year.
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