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Im not tryin to call you dumb for it or anything i just don really follow. Does a girl you seen in person on the street one time inspire better marriage fantasies because of better impossible odds than one you only seen in a magazine? Actually now that I typed that I guess that doesn seem that odd. But still kinda not really much different as long as it reasonably impossibly unattainable either way.

We take a lot of pride at STRIVR and what we call the end to end solution which is basically, hey, in the early days while you an early adopter and the technology is certainly viable and ready it also really difficult to scale. So we do a lot of heavy lifting for our partners, Walmart being one of them along with Verizon and BMW. We just do a lot of work for them up front while the technology is finding its legs to get to the point where computers, iPads, and cell phones are right now as a useful tool in the enterprise.

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