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There were also the buy wow classic gold

The CD on mana baskets was approximately 1 minute, and it was standard for a Mage to use several mana pots even, and during each struggle on some dungeon bosses that are longer. However, Evocation had a CD of about 6 minutes back then (I feel this dropped to about 2 mins in TBC), also WOULD be interrupted by taking hurt.

Also, there were also the buy wow classic gold mana stone, and it was regular for Mages to conjure one of every rank of mana stone (4 positions I believe ) before each boss fight.These things helped Mages a LOT, however, I would not go so far as to say we never used to run out of mana. We frequently had to hold-back in more fights to increase mana-management, particularly on skills. Before a mana pot/gem or Evocation's CD was upward it was common to utilize his Wand for a couple seconds.

I levelled solo as a holy priest for the first time. Many of those attack spells on priest were mana costs that are enormous, feeble and harshly bad, you could tell Blizzard was scared if a healer could deal even. You had to squander so many talents to make them remotely useful and even then it was a waste.

Needed to drink after 1 mob and when I pulled two I needed to escape or melee them down with self indulgent treats. Inner fire gave melee attack power (???) Along with your shadow spells your best friend and holy fire had a 5 second cast time, smite did not hit much more than a team melee hit.

Top it all off until lightwell was released in the TBC patch, we had Holy Nova as our 31 point gift, and it did NO recovery aoe damage, to get a mana price, was a joke. Vanilla is simply filled with redundant ideas that were half assed in the last minute and were never changed for most of the time until pre TBC patch, it's amazing we made WoW Classic work with this kind of shonky class layout.

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