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In addition, a few more possibilities:Find out if you can attend any journal club meetings and/or rs 3 gold departmental lectures for your field.Ask people (probably the PhD students/postdocs) what they read to keep up with the field. If a few list the same journal, get the table of contents emailed to you. If you have library privileges, you can probably download the articles, too. Read the editorials. Try to read 1 to 2 articles related to your lab/month

If you are genuinely curious, through conversation ask people what they are working on/why/questions about how they conduct their research. If you are interested in that topic and/or want to learn how to do certain experimental/research techniques, share this with them (when I worked in a lab, a PI in another lab eventually let me work in her lab/trained me on a few techniquesbecause I told her that it was what I wanted to do).

If you are interested in actually conducting research, after a year of this, ask your PI or another PI if you can do a volunteer research project in their lab. Even if your PI says no to this, you already will have the skills to read about the experiments/research in other labs and approach those PIs (I know it seems over the top to ask to volunteer, but if they like what you do, they will eventually find fundingI'm also guessing that budgets are tight right now).

I was asking Craig Newmark for advice one day and emailed "I can relate to some of the struggles you had starting craigslist." he responded, "Not sure what you mean, I didn't have struggles." Then I remembered. he had money!!! It was a bit of a wake up call. I'm really doing this the hard way. and I'm tired of it. so try starting here and look at incubators.

While you're probably way ahead of other businesses being incubated in terms of technology, profile and product offerings, you can probably really use the business advice, the mentoring and the networking.I went to art school to avoid math and I've never been good at borrowing, but I need to grow up and learn because this means a lot to me. Soooo. all the advice you can give me (in laymen's terms, please!!!), I'd appreciate.

posted by sardonyx at 8:15 PM on July 13, 2011Take a small business / entrepreneurship courses at the local community college from a qualified instructor. I learned a TON from my teacher who was awesome.Hire a reputable business consultant to help you navigate certain areas.Sounds like you need a marketing/business manager? Agreeing that it's hard to tell what the specific question is here.

As a side note, any time you're running a business you need to have enough financial knowledge to know how to make business decisions, and successfully interact with your accounting support team. I mean the 3 limiting factors of any business or department are time, money, and talent. And you need to know enough to balance all three and hire the right people, etc.
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