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Stem cells vs. heart attacksFor years it was thought that most damage from a rs3 gold major heart attack was permanent: Dead tissue turns to scar tissue, leading to the heart muscle's gradual deterioration.But now, there is growing optimism that stem cell therapy may help patients with damaged hearts return to a fully functional life, based on results from early studies., as a team of highly demanding and skilled gamers, has specialized in offering various kinds of RS products for years, including gold, account, items, power leveling and more with 24 hour online support. In the past years, we have dealt with millions of orders for hundreds and thousands of customers, building a firm customer base.

Of course, larger studies have to confirm the results and the devil is in the details. Those details were on display in a series of five presentations Tuesday at the American Heart Association conference in Los Angeles.Most promising was long term data on 20 patients with severe, long term heart failure stemming from past heart attacks. These patientsnot only improved dramatically after receiving an infusion of their ownheart stem cells, but continued to get better two full years after treatment.

"That's from just one injection of these cells," says Dr. Roberto Bolli, the lead researcher and chief of cardiology at the University of Louisville. Such improvement is virtually unheard of, he explains. With standard care, "we know that these patients don't get better with time because once you have a scar, you have a scar." FULL POST

Task Force: Tell young patients to stay out of sunThe group that sparked an outcry of criticism with its advice on mammograms and prostate cancer screening, said Monday that doctors should counsel young people to avoid sun exposure, to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Preventive Services Task Force. For adults older than 24, there is not enough evidence to say whether counseling about sun exposure makes a difference, according to the Task Force.

The guidelines are published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.Health care costs to surpass total income?Take a close look at the chart up above. It's taken from a new paper, in the Annals of Family Medicine. If you believe the doctors who put it together, it tells one of the scariest stories you'll ever hear.
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