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The trend is clearly towards cordless hair clippers

"Hair clippers are still relatively new in Asia, but are being well received there," says Alex Kübler about the increasing trend towards machines in Asian salons enable a wide range of applications.

In Spain, hair clippers have been used for quick, easy hairstyles for many years. Today they are also increasingly used for trendy hairstyles to set highlights and above all as a structuring agent for modern cuts. "The trend is clearly towards cordless hair clippers," says Alberto Esteve. "Thanks to their low weight and long battery life, they can be used very flexibly in the salon." … -Wigs.html

Forest fairy by Susanna Miklosh
According to studies by Bergler and Hoff, women with short, brown hair are considered intelligent and self-confident. You can live well with this image. But if you want to show your feminine side and are looking for a partner, it is easier with long lace wigs hair. So why not give in to this wish and give nature a helping hand With 150 wavy highlights in 45 cm length creates a mane that suggests an adventurous, playful, unconventional woman.

The models presented here are customers or employees of the Salon Pohl. At the first New Styles Contest, the individual models represented all of Hairdreams's top ten locations worldwide. At least 200 participants from six countries participated in this photo competition. At the end of July the award was. A great success and confirmation for the high quality of the work of this team.

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